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Illnesses are inevitable. Changing lifestyles make us getting closer to critical illnesses. Wouldn't it be better if you prepare and get ready for them from today? Llife and critical illnesses insurance by Muang Thai Life Assurance will help you with medical expenses and future of your loved ones. You can choose your preferred coverages for your needs that will secure you to move on steadily.


    Q: Which cancer insurance is good?
    A: I recommend Cancer Protection rider.
    - Maximum coverage of 300,000 Baht* once being diagnosed with non-invasive cancer**
    - Additional benefit of 2,000,000 Baht* once being diagnosed with invasive cancer***
    - Daily compensation benefit of up to 10,000 Baht* in case of being hospitalized as an inpatient due to cancer

    *For the coverage plan of 2,000,000 Baht.
    **After 60 days from the effective date or the latest date of reinstatement.
    ***After 60 days from the date that the insured is diagnosed as having Carcinoma in Situ, or the effective day, or the latest date of reinstatement, whichever is the latest 

    Q: Why do we need critical illness insurance while we already have health insurance?
    A: Each health insurance has different coverage which might not cover some treatments of critical illnesses. Critical illness insurance will give you lump sum amount to take care of expenses.

    If you have to stop working and lose income, you can use this amount for taking care of yourself. In case of death, your loved ones will receive lump sum benefit amount from critical illness insurance as inheritance.

    Q: What are diseases under the coverage of critical illness insurance? What stage?
    A: Each insurance plan has its own specific coverage and stage for you to choose insurance plan that you want. For example, CI Perfect Care Rider covers 36 critical illnesses from early stage, Muang Thai Happy Lady insurance specifically covers female critical illnesses, etc.

    Q: Does premium increase every year like that of health insurance?
    A: Premium of critical illness insurance is subject to conditions of each insurance plan, but premium mostly increases based on age range.

    Q: Will I get anything in return if I do not make claim?
    A: Even though you do not make claim, premium is entitled to tax deduction according to the Revenue Department.

    Q: Please recommend critical illness insurance that gives lump sum amount and medical expense coverage.
    A: I recommend you to buy health insurance and critical illness insurance to receive medical expense coverage and lump sum amount once being diagnosed with critical illness.

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