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Start healthy finances today! Delicately selected endowment products by Muang Thai Life Assurance can satisfy your financial lifestyles which will not impact future money. Let us help you save money for retirement and be confident through simple steps in your own way.


    Q: Which endowment products are good?/ Which endowment products should I buy?
    A: All endowment products are good, but you need to choose the right one that matches your needs. You can consider based on the following factors.
    - Years of premium payment (short-term or long-term)
    - Do you prefer cash bonus?
    - How much return do you want once the contract ends?

    For example, if you want to pay premium for few years only, you may choose Muang Thai Perfect Saving 11/5 insurance plan. You have to pay premium for only 5 years and receive 1.5%* cash bonus every 2 policy years. Moreover, once the contract matures, you will receive 520%* maturity benefit or 101% of paid premium (whichever amount is higher). During the premium payment period, the premium is entitled to tax deduction. Most importantly, you can simply purchase online 24/7.

    *is in % of the initial sum insured.

    Q: Which one is better between making a deposit with a bank or saving with life insurance?
    A: Both saving methods are good, but you need to choose the one that matches your needs, conditions and lifestyle.
    - Making a deposit with a bank gives you high flexibility because you can withdraw your money anytime, but interest is not high. 
    - For endowment insurance, you can choose premium payment period and benefits that are suitable for you and you will receive life coverage. It also helps you build your saving discipline and get lump sum amount. Plus, it is tax deductible.


    Q: What are benefits of endowment insurance? Is it worthwhile?
    A: Benefits of endowment insurance are:
    1. You can choose premium payment period and benefits that you prefer.
    2. It helps you build saving discipline if you have a goal to have lump sum amount after an insurance contract matures.
    3. It provides you life coverage. If unexpected event occurs, the savings will be passed on to your loved ones.
    4. Its premium is entitled to tax deduction of up to 100,000 Baht per year.


    Q: Which endowment insurance plan has inexpensive premium and is tax deductible? 
    A: Muang Thai Smile Saver 20/16 has inexpensive premium and is tax deductible. Premium starts from thousands of Baht, but total benefits throughout the contract are over hundreds of thousands of Baht. Moreover, its premium is entitled to tax deduction for 16 consecutive years.

    Premium is subject to gender, age, insurance plan and coverage plan that you choose. You can contact agents of Muang Thai Life Assurance or visit any branches of Kasikornbank to get some advice about the right insurance plan at free of charge.


    Q: Do we need to consider stability of insurance companies that sell endowment insurance? Does the OIC that regulates insurance companies have the same role as Deposit Protection Agency that regulates commercial banks and is held responsible in case money is gone like other investment cases?
    A: Muang Thai Life Assurance is a strong company that follows guidelines of the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC) which is a regulator of insurance business. The OIC monitors and evaluates financial stability of insurance industry as well as analyzing and assessing risks of insurance companies regularly. It also gives advice and recommendations, and intervenes insurance companies that have problems in order to maintain stability and fairness of insurance system. The OIC protects the rights of policyholders and builds stability towads the nation's financial system.


    Q: What are the differences between unit-linked and endowment insurance? Which one has better return?
    A: Firstly, we need to understand how life insurance premium is allocated. The premium is allocated into 3 parts: protection, the Company's operating cost, and savings or investment.
    Endowment insurance mostly focuses on savings or investment to enhance return, thus protection is not high.
    However, for unit-linked, you can choose to focus on either protection or investment. The investment can be made via mutual funds that the Company selects for you. It creates opportunity to enhance return, but you need to take risks from fluctuating return.

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